Supporting Suspension Mods Currently on Shop Car

To properly dial your suspension in, it is recommended to run supporting suspension mods like LCA's, Endlinks or Sway bars. Below is what we run on our shop car.

Lower Control Arm

When you lower your car the alignment can get all out of whack. Stock these car don't a lot of adjustment for alignment. We run SPL Rear LCA to dial in our camber from the rear and the coilovers we have come with camber plates so we use them to adjust camber in the front.

Sway Bars

We run a 20mm Front Sway bar on our shop car at the softest setting and a stock sway bar in the rear. The sway bar size is highly dependent on each individuals driving style and suspension set up. We run 9k springs front and 11k springs rear for our car with aero and the 20mm bar is perfectly paired for our set up.

For consultation on your set up please feel free to reach out to us on instagram @MorizMotorsports or email us at


When you lower your car it is important to get appropriate endlinks to align with your new suspension geometry. Running stock endlinks will cause them to bind and they will hit your lower control in the front.

For the front we recommend getting the SPL short endlinks. We have had the whiteline endlinks hit our front LCA even at the shortest setting. Alternative is to cut the whiteline endlinks shorter since they are threaded all the way through.

For the rear we run whitelines but if you want sphericals you can run SPL's as well.

Alternatives to Running a Rear LCA

Although we are not running a Rear Upper Control Arm, the 2022+ GR86/BRZ does deal with some fitment issue depending on your wheel and tire set up. To avoid cutting your quarter panel, we do recommend running the Rear Upper Control Arm. This allows you to pull the wheel in from the top instead of pushing it out from the bottom, giving you more clearance