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Clutch Masters 6sp Steel Flywheel

Clutch Masters 6sp Steel Flywheel


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Clutch Masters 6sp Steel Flywheel

***(Can Only Be Used w/ Clutch Masters Clutch - Not OEM)***

- Light-weight for improved performance and Quicker Rev’s.
- Reduces turbo “lag” in turbo-charged engines.
- Increased supercharger efficiency due to less drag on the crank.
- Improved mid-range torque in naturally aspirated engines.
- CNC Machined and balanced.
- SFI Certified.

Replacing your OEM flywheel with a lightweight flywheel may cause gear noise or a vibration that may not be suitable for everyone. The lighter the flywheel the more gear noise will be produced. Depending on the application Clutch Masters usually recommends Steel flywheels rather than Aluminum flywheels since Aluminum flywheels will cause more gear noise. Aluminum flywheels are usually only recommended for race applications looking to have the least amount of weight as possible. A lightweight flywheel may affect the life expectancy of a clutch kit depending on the application.


2013-2020 FRS/BRZ/86