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HKS Hipermax R 22+ GR86

HKS Hipermax R 22+ GR86


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Mono tube design which allows for better control which results in better ride quality when lowered.
Dust boost installed on the shafts to protect from harmful road impediments.
PNE Coating provided on the height adjustment components to prevent rust and corrosion buildup when making height alterations.
Newly designed needle to improve dampening throughout the entire range.
Aluminum components designed to reduce unsprung weight.
30 Step damping force allow fine and precise tuning for both street and track.

30-Way Damper Type
Height Adjustable Yes
Spring Rate Front 9K
Spring Rate Rear 10K
Top Hats Included Yes
This is a direct OEM replacement that comes supplied with top hats and are ready to install. Additionally, these coilovers will come provided with adjustment tools which will make height adjustment convenient for the user. You can adjust the height from the shock body rather than messing with the pre-load.

Once installed you can fine tune these coilovers to make generous improvements in handling that is suitable for both the track, and on the street.

The kit was tested with ADVAN A052 Tires(235/40R18) at Fuji Speedway Racing Course.
Although the GR86 has quite good driving performance in stock condition, it still has a large amount of roll when equipped with high-grip tires, which makes it feel insufficient for track.
Respecting the original character of the GR86, we have created a setting that allows RWD-like movement and fun control of the car even with high-grip tires.
We checked the movement in track mode so that even track beginners can safely enjoy controlling vehicle.  
This damper could satisfy both track beginners and advanced users who are aiming for breaking records. Even with one notch, you feel the change of movement strongly. With this kit, you can enjoy it from street driving to track.
By adopting the bump rubber that HKS has been researching for many years, it creates the stable feeling when cornering. It allows the tires to gain stable traction without suddenly losing grip.
For those aiming for breaking record, the front tires should be about 0.5-1.0mm toe out with full camber, and the rear tires should be about 0 to 0.5mm toe in. We recommend about 5 to 10 clicks of damping force adjustment at the front and rear.
For those who feel a lack of rear stability, we recommend installing adjustable aftermarket suspension arms to optimize rear camber.


22+ GR86