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Skunk2 Powerbox Intake System

Skunk2 Powerbox Intake System


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Skunk2’s Cold-Air Intake System for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, and Toyota FT86 is manufactured from molded polymer plastic for superior intake air insulation compared to aluminum. The intake tube also has a smooth, continuous taper which greatly increases incoming air velocity. The thick polymer material also produces a superior thermal barrier for significantly lower intake air temperatures and drastically reduced heat soak issues that are common in other intakes.

The Skunk2 Cold Air Intake System is a true cold air intake as it draws in the coldest and highest pressure air available. This is achieved by placing the Ram Air Box’s inlet duct in front of the radiator where the most clean and cold air is found. The Ram Air Box is manufactured from crosslinked polymer to provide superior thermal rejection and structural strength as the air filter’s housing. Skunk2 Cold Air Intake system includes the Skunk2 Composite Velocity Stack which utilizes race proven technology and is engineered to optimize air flow while maximizing velocity.

The design also incorporates dimples on the entry surface to extend the boundary layer into the mouth. The dimples increase the effective cross sectional flow area causing higher total mass air flow compared to other velocity stacks. The smooth, continuous flow velocity taper of the tube decreases from 96 mm internal diameter to 70mm where it connects to the throttle body. The Cold Air Intake uses a massive 6.8” diameter double cone filter element which will allow for larger dust holding capacities. The cone filter is also washable which will avoid future expenses on a replacement filter. The supplied MAF Sensor Coupler is compatible with the factory MAF sensor for an easy bolt on application. No cutting or fabrication needed!


2013-2020 FRS/BRZ/86
2022+ GR86/BRZ